It’s time to get Practical!

Hello! After many months (years?!) of prep, Megan Miller and I are here to announce the evolution of Practical Service Design into…

🔥➡️ Practical by Design ⬅️🔥

✅ Bigger mission
✅ Bigger content
✅ Bigger goals!

📣 “Practical by Design presents a new practical way of working, developed on the job from real-world challenges with the aim to transform our work, our careers, our organizations, and our customer’s success. We want to enable you to make bigger impact — faster! — to address the unprecedented challenges we are facing in today’s world.” 📣

👉 Go read the blog post ✏️, watch the video 📽, and we can’t wait to see you in the practical future of work together!

Author - Your Guide to Blueprinting the Practical Way | Author of The Dauntless Gambit

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