Mural, Vision, and the Ship of Theseus

Are you ready for a Vision-themed career move announcement? I know I am. “You are familiar with the thought experiment ‘The Ship of Theseus’ in the field of identity metaphysics?”

7 years ago, I arrived in Silicon Valley for the first time, leaving small-town Utah to try and do something big, taking a role at Intuit that would transform me piece by piece like the Ship of Theseus, or the mind-stone powered synthezoid Avenger, Vision.

At Intuit, I made many great friends, had many great mentors, and got to experience previously unimaginable things. I learned a great deal about work, life, and myself. Those learnings changed parts of me just like the worn out boards, tattered sails, and vibranium-bonded organic cells infused with energy from the mind-stone. Old was replaced with new, and like Vision or the Ship of Theseus, I am still who I am, but I am also different than when I arrived.

So, as any good narrative arc needs a beginning, middle, and end, today my Intuit arc reaches its denouement. I arrived as one person, and now I leave as another, the same, but also different. “A thing Isn’t beautiful because It lasts.”

On Monday, a new arc begins. I have joined Mural as Sr. Principal Design Strategist. It is a one-in-a-million chance to align what I love about imagination, narrative, creativity, and the infinite wonder of complex systems, with a product, mission, and company that embodies those same things.

My personal mission has long been to help others harness the power of their own mind-stones. At Mural, I plan to help expand the world of possibilities for everyone who wants to be creative, imaginative, expressive, and productive in ways they may not have known they were capable of. At work. At home. Anywhere that imagination can take root and flourish.

I don’t come to Mural because I love digital collaboration tools (even though I do). I come to Mural because they are vanguards for the higher-order approach to design, creativity, and expansive thinking that powers my mind-stone. And hopefully, it can help power yours too.

Huge thanks and recognition for the folks at Mural who have nurtured this homecoming over the years, continually keeping the dream and vision alive: Jim Kalbach, Mark Tippin, Mariano Suarez-Battan. It took awhile to get here, but what you’ve built has never been far from my mind.

And my gratitude to fellow new entrant into the Muralverse and the person who put out the call for “a very particular set of skills, skills acquired over a very long career,” Stephen Anderson. My synthezoid form is ready.

I can’t wait to help make the unimaginable imaginable, and the imaginable a reality. After all, what is a vision if not imagination persevering?

Fiction author, Sr. Principal Design Strategist at Mural. Everything has a narrative arc, my job is to make it a good one.