UX is not UI

How UX people see UX

The UX Umbrella

Image created by Dan Willis — @uxcrank

How you get to an effective UI

  1. We presume the problem has been identified through the user/market/persona research.
  2. User flows and stories are made, then trashed, then made again, then iterated on until the problem flow is clear.
  3. With an idea of ways to solve the problem, some rapid experiments are carried out to validate the assumptions with the personas.
  4. Some IA work is done to break out the product/site into the logical areas and hierarchies.
  5. Various wireframes and sketches are drawn to start to organize where things could go on the screen.
  6. With all the preceding research material and UX work, now mockups with UI included can be made with confidence.
  7. With mockups and a UI designed, they are user tested and iterated on through some prototypes or experiments.
  8. After the mockups have been vetted, it’s now time to code up the interface — UI Design!
  9. Once the usability of the UI has been honed, you can move it on to production — the place that people usually think of as the singular UI.

Keep on educating!

Update: Download the comparison poster/graphic



Fiction author, Sr. Principal Design Strategist at Mural. Everything has a narrative arc, my job is to make it a good one.

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