Are you ready for a Vision-themed career move announcement? I know I am. “You are familiar with the thought experiment ‘The Ship of Theseus’ in the field of identity metaphysics?”

7 years ago, I arrived in Silicon Valley for the first time, leaving small-town Utah to try and do something big, taking a role at Intuit that would transform me piece by piece like the Ship of Theseus, or the mind-stone powered synthezoid Avenger, Vision.

At Intuit, I made many great friends, had many great mentors, and got to experience previously unimaginable things. I learned a great deal about work…

In one week, I am launching the first 2 episodes of my audio book and podcast serial, The Dauntless Gambit! I will have 11 episodes completed by then and ready to start the long, 64 episode journey over the next 8 months, producing 2 episodes a week (in 4 parallel phases of production!).

It took a bit to figure how how, or if, this was even possible. Turns out, with enough planning and time investment, yes, it is. I had to hire a freelance editor and a separate freelance narrator to pull it off, but we’re up and running now…

the tl;dr = I am announcing the launch of a creative project that has been in the works for quite some time, and is now ready!

I present to you…

The Dauntless Gambit is a sci-fi espionage action-drama written as a novel and being released as a FREE serial!

Starting June 1st, new episodes will be posted in both text and audio format every Monday and Thursday. You’ll be able to read each installment right on this website, or listen in any podcast app. …

BEFORE YOU READ: I’ve built a whole new project unlike anything I’ve done before — a fiction podcast/book written and produced by me! Go see how I’m applying the skills of design to a whole different type of medium and give my series a try!

It’s been 2 years since we started blogging on #design and #servicedesign, Megan Erin Miller and I.

A lot has changed in service design, and also in the Medium publishing platform. Having said that, I wanted to put together a list of our top 15 post, all free for those who haven’t seen them, or those who want to bookmark for later. They are in descending order by pageviews, and add up to just over 100,000! Feeling energized? Go add some CLAPS 👏.

Here’s the annotated list!

Journey Maps and Service Blueprints

Top article and canonical distinction between the two types of mapping techniques.

UX to Service Design


How do you predict, and then shape, the behavior of a population? Or better, how do you design for something that is the collection of countless touchpoints or “products” that are interlinked, each with their own vastly different user-experience.

Service design is singularly centered on the human experience. We call it the end to end journey, but the service itself is something that is a collection of all the journeys that can be taken through it. The service that you design on top of is a big picture. …

Remember, this is *design* led, not designer led. There’s nothing that says a culture has to be led by, or even contain, designers for this to work.

I didn’t invent these keys; quite the opposite. They were taught to me over many, many years in successful, and unsuccessful, companies. Now I share them with you, in 500 words.

“Here fishy fishy fishy. Here fishy fishy fishy.” If you’ve ever been fishing, don’t tell me you’ve never whispered that to the waters below.

If you’re working in the technology, software, or startup industry, you are probably neck deep in the idea around offering ecosystems. Companies increasingly want to expand the ways people interact with them by creating ecosystems of products and services that give their customers more options than ever to engage with the company.

The desired outcome is faster adoption, greater network effect or NPS, and ideally the pinnacle of ecosystem success — customers who don’t see themselves…

I’ve spent the last 5 years working slowly on becoming more and more of an embedded service designer after moving from predominantly UX. And with the popularity of the Practical Service Design community, I have fielded a lot of questions from people. After a recent phone call from an organization looking for insights, I figured—it’s time to write up another article on service design culture building.

That’s right. Practical Service Design is launching our very first online class, “Intro to Practical Service Blueprinting.” To celebrate our pre-enrollment launch, we wanted to share a behind-the-scenes peek at what’s gone into the making of our first online course.

The backstory 🕰️

During the fall of 2015, Megan and I were preparing to run a workshop at the Adaptive Path Service Experience Conference in November. We had been iterating on this evolutionary descendent service blueprint format that would be taught in the workshop. In the true Practical Service Design spirit, we thought to ourselves, “Why not do more? Go beyond what is…

Erik Flowers

Fiction author, Sr. Principal Design Strategist at Mural. Everything has a narrative arc, my job is to make it a good one.

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